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POS Industry Supplier - Metal Point-of-Sale Display Components

Point-of-Sale Displays are the fastest growing area of business for AR Metalcrafters. The sheet metal parts of your point-of-sale display may be visible to the customer, or they may be behind-the-scenes as structural pieces. Either way, working with AR Metalcrafters early in the design phase can make designing your point-of-sale display more effective, less costly to make, and get your point-of-sale display to market faster.

Point-of-Sale Display Examples
AR Metalcrafters’ customers create and use their point-of-sale displays in the many ways, including:

  • Standalone - free-standing product displays
  • Shelf - displays that rest on store shelves
  • Case - displays that are positioned in a store case

These retail point-of-sale displays are used in:

  • Grocery stores
  • Home improvement stores
  • Clothing stores and outlets
  • Department stores

Here are some examples of how AR Metalcrafters’ customers use their point-of-sale displays in the marketplace:

  • Flip panel displays for carpet samples, floor tile samples, etc.
  • In-store demonstrator for light switches
  • Fashion clothing displays

AR Metalcrafters Solves Point-of-Sale Display Metalworking Problems!
AR Metalcrafters can help translate your point-of-sale display concept into production. We work with you to make sure the following are considered in your point-of-sale display project:

  • Design
  • Function
  • Materials
  • Assembly
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing process, costs, and efficiency
  • Time to market

Case Study: Millford
Millford was a new customer who came to AR Metalcrafters with a good looking design, but the manufacturing costs as designed would have been high and the transportation costs would have been even higher due to the large size of the finished point-of-sale display. Millford’s design called for a 3 piece welded construction.

AR Metalcrafters suggested a few design changes that made it easier to manufacture. Instead of welding, AR Metalcrafters suggested a one piece design with on-the-fly self-mitering corners. The new design was:

  • Built for simple on-site assembly that did not require expensive technicians
  • Less expensive to manufacture (inexpensive cuts vs. expensive welds)
  • Less expensive to ship
  • Faster to manufacture
  • Faster in time-to-market

What we don’t do
AR Metalcrafters does not typically make standard or industrial shelving and racking.

Contact AR Metalcrafters
Please Contact Us to work with us on your point-of-sale display. At each step in the process, you’ll find us to be valuable partners in your project. Working with us in with an iterative, concept-to-execution approach, we can help find shortcuts that reduce your costs and enhance your business objective.