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Custom NEMA Enclosures

AR Metalcrafters specializes in high-quality, custom NEMA enclosures. We manufacture cost-effective custom NEMA enclosures, meeting your requirements for cost, timely delivery, and specification.

If you are looking for a standard NEMA enclosure, or are willing to take a standard NEMA enclosure and have the in-house resources to customize it yourself, AR Metalcrafters is probably not your best choice.

AR Metalcrafters Solves your Custom NEMA Enclosure Metalworking Problem!
With NEMA enclosures that require a high degree of customization, it usually is not cost-effective or time-effective to purchase off-the-shelf boxes and try to modify them yourself. If you are looking for a turnkey solution for your custom NEMA enclosure, ready to install and built specifically for you, we can deliver! With a custom NEMA enclosure from AR Metalcrafters, all the holes, cut-outs, and hardware you want will be precisely where you need them. Finishes can be added to your specifications as well.

Your custom NEMA enclosure from AR Metalcrafters is ready to use upon delivery.

  • No holes to punch
  • No hardware to install
  • No painting or coating
  • No delays due to in-house resource capacity restrictions

With an AR Metalcrafters custom NEMA enclosure, it is:

  • Ready to install
  • Built to your specification
  • Delivered on-time to the promised date

Customization Options for Custom NEMA Enclosures
Here are some of the many options for your custom NEMA enclosures:

  • Custom colors, paint or powder coat
  • “Ruggedized” for rough uses
  • Locking systems, latch or key
  • Gasketing
  • Silk screen
  • Holes punched

Applications for Custom NEMA Enclosures
Our custom NEMA enclosures can have used in these situations:

  • Outdoor installation
  • “Ruggedized” applications
  • Watertight
  • Dust, Wind, or Air Tight
  • Not sanitary applications which require stainless steel

We create custom NEMA enclosures in aluminum and steel.

Custom NEMA Enclosure types
AR Metalcrafters builds custom NEMA enclosures in the following enclosure types:

  • NEMA 4 enclosures
  • NEMA 4X enclosures
  • NEMA 3 enclosures
  • NEMA 3R enclosures

See the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) website for more on NEMA enclosure types. (Hyperlink to: http://www.nema.org/DocUploads/7B767F84-0827-45F9-9BB01319E5BC55FB/enclosure.html)

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